Title of Qualification:
  • Level 3 UNIT 30 INTRODUCTION TO LAW FOR PARALEGALS (Certificate in Paralegal Practice)
Summary of Qualification:
  • The course gives the student an intermediate understanding of paralegal studies. The course is practical and aims to teach students the skills required of paralegals in the UK
Accrediting Body:
  • National Association of Licensed Paralegals, UK

Length of Study:
  • UNIT 30 INTRODUCTION TO LAW FOR PARALEGALS: 11 lessons over 11 weeks.
  • 33 hours in total
Students will require a further 19 weeks (19 lessons to be split between the following 3 modules – which must be completed in order to gain the Certificate in Paralegal Practice from NALP:
Dates & Hours:
  • 1 evening class of 2 hours per week
Course Content: 1. An introduction to Law for Paralegals:
  • Introduction to the common law system
  • The English and Cypriot legal system
  • The principles of contract law
  • The principles of tort law

2. Legal Ethics and Responsibilities
  • Compliance
  • Due diligencev English standards of risk assessment and compliance in practice and how these standards can be applied in Cyprus.

3. Commercial Law

  • Incorporation
  • Company structures
  • Partnerships
  • Company law principles
  • Intellectual Property Law

4. Civil Litigation

  • Preparing a case
  • Filing a case at court
  • Litigation
  • Enforcement 

* To achieve the Level 3 Certificate in Paralegal Practice students must complete all four of the above modules

* Students are also given the option of studying a further two modules in order to turn the certificate to a ‘Level 3 Diploma in Paralegal Practice’

Students have the option of the following modules:

  1. Criminal Litigation
  2. Conveyancing
  3. Wills and Succession
  4. Employment law
Language of Instruction:
  • English
  • Greek translations of important legal terminology are also provided
  • All modules are assessed by coursework
Course Fee:
  • 1500 euros in total payable over 10 instalments of 150 euros per month.
  • The above cost will cover all 4 of the above modules
  • This cost covers all teaching materials
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque or cash.
Admission Requirements:
  • Students must have completed the Level 2 Award in Cyprus Paralegal Studies OR
  • Show that they have adequate previous legal experience OR
  • Have previous experience of Higher Education in any field.
Ongoing Career Progression:
  • Students become Affiliate Members of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals in the UK.
  • Students are able to change their email signature to reflect their professional status

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Course Dates

  • October Enrolment

    October Enrolment

    Level 3 Certificate in Paralegal Practice

  • January Enrolment

    January Enrolment

    Contract Drafting Course

  • March Enrolment

    March Enrolment

    Level 2 Award in Cyprus Paralegal Studies

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